Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I always get that pre race nerves thing but this year it is a lot better. The last race at summerset I didn't feel it at all I just went for it. Tonight I'm thinking about tomorrow possibly the biggest adventure I've ever gone on. Then I get home from work and Bob is still awake and worried about Daddy being gone for a week and I realize that I'm still on my Biggest adventure being Dad to 3 kids. However back to this weeks cycling adventure... I'm packed ready and ready to go! Screw this state I'm out of here! So look here on the blog for a daily update from TWMTB and I'll try for a daily update so today :
scale of 1-10
Legs 10
Core 10
Overall 10
0 down 620 to go

Last post from Iowa.

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Steph said...

have a blast !: )