Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 8

With day 8 of my "diet" I have just finished an 8 day work week finished off with 2 12 hour shifts... Last night I was told "You must be feeling better today, you are acting more like a sarcastic ass-hole".  It was also determined that I will be referred to as Zms Vader...WIN!  I think?, but I do feel normal now no more inside turning inside out feeling nor do I feel tired All day.  If you want to try something stupid give up all animal products (yes no cheese!!!) and alcohol all at once.  This bring new meaning to hard core racing.

So my "big" race is DK200 and it is in less than 3 week (19 days) I'm ready, but I still need to loose 10 lbs.  So no more beer till the week of the race (looking a brew 2 days before).  I mean you cant call it a Vacation if you don't have some beers, right?  Plus we race for fun/challenge and this diet before is a big challenge.  The race will be sub 20 hours the diet will be 28 days, you decide what is harder.

Training for TI9 begins in 21 days.....

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