Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review : Stans ALPHA rims with Specialized Captan Pro

I looked for a long time for a tire that I could run tubeless on a cross bike without using a heavy and poorly treaded UST tubeless tire.  I got the Captan specialized and figured at worst odds they would burp and do stupid stuff and I could put them on an other bike.  However the wheels ended up perfect and 2000 miles on the tires now and no burps no flats.  I haven't been nice to these tires at all with a lot of road riding, single track and tons of gravel.  Rolling resistance doesn't seem more at 45 psi (max pressure) than it did with tubes at 70 psi.  I can tell that the wheels are a lot lighter than the Ksyrums that I had on the bike before.  Only con I have is that the rear tire is wore out at 2k and the center tread line is gone.  however I can sink $55 into a tire after 2k if they have no issues at all.  The Stans rims are set up with yellow tape and no rim strip, I was able to mount with a small compressor and had no 'second day flats'.  I used Ultegra rear hub and a Shimano n80 dyno on the front (for gravel lighting).

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