Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ewing Park Mountain Bike Trail

I hit the new trail yesterday.  Not sure but looked to be either the first or second person to ride it.  Thanks Cita it appears to be another cool Des Moines trail!

Lots of log overs, this one is pretty cool.  moved a little though.

It isn't too skinny at least

As best I can tell the trail starts after crossing the bridge down by the play equipment.  Im not sure what way "forward" is but I rode it both ways and it works both ways.  I really wish I could have made it to one of the work days, but work and other obligations got in the way.
This trail will be a lot like Sycamore when it get burned in a little bit, but for the moment go slow look out for little sticks and scrub the poison ivy off your legs when you get home.

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