Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The only thing to fear is fear itself...and falling off the 2 foot wide bridge on the Mountain bike trail Again...

So after last year when I took this bike
Off this Bridge I've been a little stand offish at some mountain biking things... I guess its like riding a bike you dont forget how you just hesitate and then you don't make it over stuff.  So tonight I did several laps on hillside (I made myself ride everything)  then hit Rollercoaster for a lap.  I just need a little confidence to not slow down and realize that I can do it.  So 25 days Left to DK200.  Diet is going pretty good I'm at 192 and seem to be stabilized, however if I'm going to loose the last 10lbs extra (not sure if its even possible)  I need drastic measures.  What is Drastic?  Well a week so far of vegan diet has helped alot so I'll stick to that till dk, but unfortunately what occured to me on hillside tonight is the beer has to go for the month too.  I really like to drink beer, but I'd rather drink it in June and talk about how I finished something this year than drink it now and talk about how I'm not going to finish.....See ya on the trails A LOT since I'm not drinking I'll be riding!

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