Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nothing to do..

It's to cold to ride more than an hour or so.  And I'm left with nothing to do but read blogs and make fun of people.  So for today I looked at Fixedgeargallery.com and I can't help this one 

And I have a pink bike so I won't comment on the color of the frame but.  

Tires Yellow
Stem red
handle bars - blue
seat blue (not the same blue as the handle bars)
grips orange

And it looks to be an awesome snow bike nothing like 700c x 25 tires for winter riding.  my only question and I think whats one everyones mind at this point.  Is the local shop or the internet out of white pedals,  green seat posts, and Gold hubs? 


Buckshot77 said...

Too cold for more than an hour? HTFU man or replace your beer more often so it doesn't keep freezing up on you.

SMB tech geeks said...

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