Friday, January 2, 2009

Test Ride..

Today I got to take my "new" old road bike for a test ride.  I rebuilt my trek last month and haven't got to ride it yet, but today i got a 12 mile ride in.  I wanted to take 40 or 50 but my road shoes are very well vented for summer.  This makes it really really cold at 24 degrees so 12 miles was all I could handle.  
The new Force group is awesome.  When you push the lever it shifts, like right after you push it not 1 minute later or after you get off the bike and mess with the derailer and oil the chain(or pry the chain over with a screwdriver) but it shifts right away..
       The FSA kwing is also cool.  Some of the little bumps and curves looked strange when I was installing it but after riding I now understand.

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