Saturday, January 24, 2009

Too cold for Beer!

As your reading that headline it's okay you can stand back up and start breathing again.  What I mean is its too cold outside for beer.  I left work last night at about 8 or so with a 12 pack of ice cold bud.  I usually stop at the freeway underpass for a cold one on the way home and finish it before I get to 63rd street but last night it was so cold my battery lights were almost out (for some reason around 0 degrees lights stop working)  at Colby park.
So I got home with 12 cans of beer.(that sounds normal but almost never happens) Maybe I'll cut back and loose weight to.  (ya right)   I'll still be drinking some for the fallen 
2 weeks left till Brr.  I actually register before the cut off for the cheaper price.  That almost never happens.  And for the craziest First Ever I went to the bike collective sale today and left without a new bike.  I walk into a "bike shop" and out without buying anything.

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