Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spinning hell

Yesterday Morning I decided it was too cold for a ride after work. So I took my backpack with my workout clothes and stop a the YMCA after work.  I always thought it was odd to bike to  health club but the real irony is biking to a spinning class.  I got to the Y right before a spinning class started and I wanted to see the new Dr Bob spinning room.  So I stayed for the hour class.  I do have to say the room is cool and all the flashing lights and disc balls and sound system.... Spinning class still SUCKS.  But I felt better when I got on my bike and headed for Giffs for beer and tacos.  
I'm hoping to make squirrels gravel ride saturday.  Never been on a gravel ride before so it should be interesting.  I think I'll take the mountain bike and leave The Knife at home.

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