Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 year floods..

Usually you would only witness one of these floods in a lifetime.  If you live in Iowa however you can witness them every couple of years!  I went out at 7am for a short ride planned  to run down GWT to cummining and back however,  the 2 foot deep river that runs over the Bill Rally trail turned me back.  I decided to ride downtown anyway via Grand ave.  I had a nice hour and a half rush hour ride around the downtown area.  Surprisingly drivers are curtious in the morning.  
I think we still need someone to blame for this flooding so I have a suggestion: 
If your global warming worked we wouldn't have these problems!

I do think we should give Albert his own tv station to just talk, because he is so funny when he has an open mic and no writers.  Or maybe Al will invent another new media that will make the internet (and everyone knows he invented that when he was a child) useless.

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