Saturday, April 18, 2009

Center Trails :)

Headed out last night late (7 or so) to do a few laps on center trails.  I'm riding down to the trail jumped over some of the holes on the "paved road" and was thinking the shocks in the rear are a little soft.  I then realized I don't have shocks (duh..shocks are for wussies) I did however have a tire with like 10 psi in it.  I personally hate changing tires so you would think I could inflate them before leaving for a ride.  You would however be wrong.  I stopped just inside denmans to inflate the rear tire, at this point I realized how bad my pump really is.  After several minutes of pinched fingers and bad words I was on my way.  Denmans flowed like a rollercoaster.  Small cut from a tree at little italy too fast, or not fast enough (beer may have played a part).  I also rode a section off dirty exspress I've never been on before if you don't turn to go over the bridge it loops back around,  this was ridable a little sandy though.  One loop of hillside was enough for me since by this time it was getting dark.  Took the ghost of j-11 (nice to see someone cut the tree again so you can get through) and back into denmans.  Made it to the tractor tire over the 5 logs finished my rear tire off.  So changing a tire in almost darkness with a crappy compact pump really not so fun.  However the heart monitor says that pumping up a tire is a good workout.  I didn't go back for a reverse lap in the dark like I wanted to for fear of flatting in the dark without a spare tube.  

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