Saturday, April 25, 2009

Century V

Headed out early (so 7am) yesterday morning.  I took off North-West (wrong very wrong) Strong cross/head winds heading west  Got a nice break at the Dallas center turn off.  30 mph all the way to Miniburn Road.  This is one of my favorite highways,  not yesterday.  Head wind all the way to p-58.  another 7 miles of 30+ mph coasting to Perry.  Pulled into Perry around 9am still feeling good, not realizing that the tail winds where all done.  If your doing a Century remember coffee is not breakfast even if it has whole milk and sugar in it.  Not were to sit so I found a spot in the grass and drank my coffee and snacked on granola bars.  Headed out to Rippy  the BRR ride seams really short when it's warm and your sober.  Went straight through into Grand Junction.  7 miles to Jefferson and it was time to eat again.  This is were the lunch of champions comes into play 24oz Bud light (they didn't had the real stuff)  The kum&go was so dirty that I didn't dare eat anything that wasn't vacuum packed salt (jacks links "meat" and "cheese")  and some peanuts that I brought with me.  The next 23 miles were due South on the open trail (this was a bad idea) it was like a 23mile 2 hour 5% grade hill climb I've never leaned on my drop bars for 2 hours before.  I finally got to Panora never thought I'd be glad to see a hole in the wall redneck town but it looked great.  96 miles down only a lot to go.  For the first time ever I thought about giving up and calling for a ride in Walkee,  but I pressed on.  I think I like the route but next time I'll do it when it's not windy as hell.

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