Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bicycle Safety ride 4/15

Great turnout last night for the ride. Hopefully it will help the bike safety bill, but if not maybe it will wake up some rednecks and they will stop hitting people on the road.
I'm thinking we need a new tax for redneck idiots. Madison county needs a casino maybe a cycling group needs to open a casino to help buy the vote needed for bike safety because lets face it ALL politicians are for sale. If we want justice we have to pay. The new Godfathers are the judges and the new gangsters are the lawyers and the new shop owners who pay for protection are the honest working people. So next time you get hit make sure you have a few hundreds on you to pay the officer to give you justice. That is if the driver doesn't pay him/her first.
So all I have to say is democracy works... Mien F├╝hrer Culver/Obama save us.
Here is some pics from last night.

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