Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 6 month wait....

The Wait is long but the shopping list is growing and the budget is out of control!  And that's a good thing. we have so far:
Masi Frameset and Headset.
The List
FSA Energy compact double 50/34  $220 w/bb
Schmidt Nabendynamo $250ish
TUBUS rack  $200 for a front and rear pair.
The only 48 hole rear hub on the planet. $350 ouch!

Force!  $1000
This goes without saying..
I am so lost as far a bags and mavic 719 seems to be the best rims but the picture isn't copyable so imagine rims and I will find wood fenders.  So my Touring bike is going to cost like 3 grand but what can you do?  

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