Friday, May 29, 2009

Century VI

I decided yesterday that I would do todays century non-stop and see how long it would take.  So I packed 5 GU, one pound of sharp cheddar,  Blue diamonds wosabie almonds into my camelback and hit the road a 8am.  I rode out through Granger, Minburn, Yale on the highway.  I turned onto the trail for a return trip at yale I was at 55 miles and just under 3 hours.  At this point the 6 hour mark look achievable.  Fast run all the way to redfield then into the headwind.  Somewhere around 90 miles (walkee) my legs were just about done.  I slowed down to 16 or so and finished around colby park (don't take clive greenbelt for good time).  I finished at 5 hours and 56 minutes under 6 hours.  I only ate half my cheese and a handful of nuts so I was very hungry when I got home.  

Good Ride :)

Now to recover for Fixie Friday.

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