Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sram 1K Mountain Bike review

It's been 1,000 miles on my new rebuilt 90's mountain bike so it's time for a little review.  I upgraded to the following:
Shimanno Generic crankset  (32/22)
Sram x9  Triggers
Sram x5 Rear Derailleur 
Sram 970 Cassette 
Sram 9 speed Power chain.
Some Crappy generic v-brakes
Spd Pedals
Mavic wheels
The Sram components are excellent (when I remember that you need to oil chains and clean parts every couple of  months)  The generic Shimanno crankset is pretty good not worth changing.  Generic v-brakes are crap crap crap but what are you going to do. Spd pedals well if road pedals were easier to work I'd use them on mountain bikes too.  (pull out of the pedal on almost every ride)  Mavic wheels ya Awesome.  
Tonights ride was slow in denmans too many mud holes.  Hillside was in great shape!  The new bridge is great!  Way to go CITA.  

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