Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fixie Friday 1

So for all the weather wussies out there you missed a good time.  Three of us headed out friday at 9ish for cumming tap.  About a 40 minute ride up from park ave.  We had very wet ground on the way out but no new rainfall,  the ride home the path was almost dry at least thats the way I remember it.  As we road home through bill raley trail (we all live in wdms) we came upon a small animal running down the trail in front of us, so for about 5 minutes we try to figure out what it is.  When it reaches a water spot that completely covers the trail it turns revealing it is a skunk that we have been following 3 feet behind for that last 2 miles.  He was a very tired skunk he had been running infront of us at 9-10 mph for more than 2 miles (the horse pastures to the connector turnoff.  At least he went right.  I tried to get a pic but black animal on a blacktop trail didn't turn out. Hope to see everyone else next friday.  

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