Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday I got the opportunity to go watch the Duathalon.  It was a good race suprisingly there were many beginners in the race.  I realized I should have done this race due to my hatered of swimming that keeps me out of triathalons this would have been perfect.  But I never would have been able to decide what bike to ride or what to wear or what kind of beer to drink the night before/morning before.  And of couse we all know the hardest part of the race is getting ready for it. So I've come up with a clothing/beer/bike pairing guide like a food and wine guide but more usefull.

Road Bike:
As these bikes are lighter and more expensive you need a imported Pilsner or wheat for that lighter and refined taste,  and you should wear nice cycling clothes and spandex shorts, carbon shoes and that yellow/green jacket.
Cyclocross Bike
As cross bike are for rodies that want to ride in the grass or past the entrance to the mountain bike trail (only to the first log) you should pair them with a fuller body beer.  Fat tire is a good way to go.  Your still need your expensive cycling clothes and shorts but the cheaper shoes will work.
Fixed gears are really just road bikes that don't need to be repaired every 10-20 miles and can be ridden for days at at time with out adjustments and complete overhaul.  Wear your road gear and drink your road beer,  but drink more of it because you won't need to stop and fix your bike.
If your not insane your mountain bike is cheaper than your road bike.(ya right) So you should pair it with whatever is on sale because face it the beer will taste like crap when it's all shook up after several hours (minutes) of jumping over stuff and falling down.  Plus cans work better in a backback than bottles (don't even ask why I know this) You want to dress in whatever is in the middle of the laundry pile (lets face it you don't want to get your cleanest clothes dirty).
These bike are very usefull and work with all beers and you should wear clean pants (your fenders will keep them clean) and you can also bring 3 days worth of clothing and a tent and beer.
These aren't really bikes so you should go jump it into the river, but try not to mess up any single track on your way there.

So my race plan would include a touring bike because face it it's cooler to watch the race from a camp chair with 4 different kinds of beer than it is to compete. That's okay I wouldn't win anyway.

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