Saturday, June 13, 2009



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jrhiltonk said...

Looks great, Patrick fell in our den and hit his head against the bottom edge of the sofa. This happened about 1/2 hour after you called us this evening. His fall resulted in a cut on his forehead about 1/2 inch above his right eyebrow and about a 1 inch long cut. Kathy and I were on the deck trying to relax and the kids were playing in the den being pretty rowdy. Austyn got our attention that Patrick was hurt. He came out crying and I saw the blood on his face. We put ice on the cut and tried to sooth Patrick. When we could get a good look at the cut, a couple of minutes later, we knew stitches would be required. We took him to the Urbandale clinic. Dr Shirk cleaned it up real good and check the wound out he then put two sub level stitches and 8 surface stitches and then he put a compression bandage with Vacitracin on the wound. The Doctor wanted Patrick to smile but Patrick was somber until the Doctor blew up his glove into a large ballon and put a face with a marker on it. He then laughed and cheered right up. Patrick is acting fine, we took them to Mac's and then home and he is in bed sleeping. Katy is there with them. He went to sleep right away. We are going to take him back for quick visit with the Doc tomorrow after church.