Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour The Raccoon 2009

We started out early Saturday (10am) however we were somewhere around the tail end of the riders.  I didn't see very many riders on the ride out.  Stopped in Redfield for some pizza at offsides and beer of course around noon.  We didn't stop again until Penora were we found a nice little restaurant that served beer.  I only had one beer there (I'm turning into a light weight) then we pressed on to Herndon.  All the times I've rode the trail I never could find Herndon now I know why there is only 2 buildings in the town.  The water stop was great the guys there had "other water" (coors light) they shared with us.  Made Jefferson around 5pm not bad time with all the stops.

The festival in Jefferson wasn't that impressive more of a kids thing.  We ate a little bar/grill Wetlands or something like that.  Good food!  Then headed for the beer garden hung out with Lacey, Dan and Shawn  and had a couple of beers there (something like 12) then the 1  mile walk back to camp.

Got up Sunday morning early (6am) and had some great coffee from a local coffee shop.  We hit the trail around 9 after what I call the worst part of camping, taking down the tent.  A nice 16 mph pace to cooper with several other riders.  Stopped in Cooper for coffee and homemade muffins (thanks to the ladies from the cooper church) also meet some new people that were on the ride.  Stopped again in Yale at a little stand with the very deceptive sign.  It said Scotchies and coke but the ies was spaced away from the scotch so I'm like I'll have the scotch and coke.  How ever the Scotchies (like a peanut butter and chocolate rice crispy treat) were really good.  We rode into Panora around 11:30 and went to the Boy-scout breakfast.  A nice egg and pancake sausage and hashbrown meal hit the spot at that point in the day.  Beer in redfield and on to Adel for the town festival.  Adels festival was great good music and good food.  We hung out with Scott and Julie for several hours.  We got back around 8:30pm Ann was a little worn out but still in good spirits.  

All together 136 miles, 2 days, a dozen stops, ????? beers I'll be back again next year, but not on a Fixie-cross bike (ouch) hopefully have my bagger done so I can carry my own gear.

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