Friday, June 19, 2009

Century 8 (beer century)

Now my kind of touring involves a lot of miles and a lot of beer, not to many stops. I headed out around 2 on Wednesday to ride on loop on the GWT before Mike got off work. Meet up with Mike and Matt after a quick dinner and pitcher at Orlondos. Did one more run to Martensdale then stopped at Cummings tap for steak night. Had some beers and headed home late (about when the storms started. Rode to Orlandos with a couple new riders and stopped there since it had just started raining. We waited for an hour then decided it wasn't going to stop raining so we got wet. Good ride I don't mind the rain. I didn't realize I rode a 100 till the next morning (beverage issue) so I'll count it as the 8th century for the year.

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