Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Century VII

Yesterday I finished the seventh century for the year. Last year I only did 7 so I've got a good start. Took out the fixie for a leasurely paced trail ride. At 3.5 hours I was halfway (I still am bad at slowing down the pace). I stopped at 50 right outside of Yale and turned around and checked the weather on my phone (this is a cool feature) As I went to ride again I realized the front tire was flat. So it starts again it also starts pouring rain as I change the tire. Stopped in yale for beer and shelter then headed for Redfield, as I enter redfield the back tire goes flat. This finalized my plan b to eat at Offsides pizza and have some fat tire to go with my flat tire. So all together 3 flats (back tire was flat again this morning) 103 miles, good times.

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