Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Double Metric I guess.

I started with a plan of sorts around 8:30 am yesterday. I was going to Jefferson and from there to Carrol until I hit 100 miles then turning around to come home. The ride out was great warm and sunny all day. I also had a nutrition plan I stopped in Adel and ate at 20 miles in then straight to Penora where I ate more Beef jerky and cheese. I drank a large v-8 (64oz) over the course of the trip out and had about 800 calories of food so about 1500 calories to replace the 4000 or so I burned in the first 5 hours. My pace was what I thought to be a little slow averaging 15 mile per hour on the way out. I did not consider the weight of the bike I was riding when I made any plans.
As I always have to remind myself that a fat tire 29" Mountain bike is 20% more work on the gravel than the 'skinny' tire touring bike. The touring bike with 25 lbs of bags (over 50lbs) and 35c tires is more work than the road bike with 23c tires. I was feeling okay when I got to Jefferson but my allergies had started to fill my lungs and my breathing was shallow, so I turned it around and figured I would se how I feel when I get to Des Moines. A long stop in Linden (40 miles from home) I found that I was only going to make it home and nothing more not really bonking but I couldn't breathe so home it was. The next 40 miles are all a blur but I do remember a
couple spots at 11 and 12 mph and laying on the bars thinking I'm going to die. I really need to carry an inhaler on long rides. I think the heat took its toll too. Oh well it was a great day for a long ride and hopefully next time I can push the milage up another 20 or 30 miles. Before I forget the best part the section of Racoon River Trail from Panora to Yale is closed to be repaved. As a mountain biker at heart I of course rode through the ditch and over the curb onto the closed section until I reached the workers who were pouring a section. The workers were very nice and tried to help with the "detour" for the trail "just get on 44 and go north for 6 miles to Yale" no thanks I'll hit the gravel road next to the trail with it's fresh sand. However the new pavement is long overdue there and should be nice when it is finished.

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