Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Night Ride

Headed out after work for a couple laps of Denmans on the Mary SS. I almost forgot how almost spooky denmans is at night it's been a while. Rounded the first corner and found myself chasing some little animal probably a raccoon but you never know. A few minutes late rounded another corner and found half a dozen deer standing there like deer in the headlights. Somewhere around the firepit I hit something that burped almost all the air out of my back tire but it was still inflated enough and I pressed on. Once I got back to the pavement I realized that I had like 10 psi in the back tire and had to decide do I use a co2 and ride another lap or call it a night. So I decided go home and save my co2 turns out I did have 10 psi in the tire when I got home. So not bad for Stans notubes 4 miles or so on 10 psi with no issues put a little air in at home and it's all good.

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