Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trail Fairies

This year it looks like Squirrel is going to 'pass the torch' of trail care on to a new group of us (if that shows what he does at center trails every year that it takes a group) I am actually glad that I get to be included in the group.  I feel proud everytime I roll over my log fix i did on dirty connector and tonight i will be riding in with Dave to cut some of the junk out of denmans.  I just hope we can do as good a job and keep the dirt 'clean' for everyone.

Location : Des Moines Trails, Clive, IA 50325,

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Buckshot77 said...

You guys are doing great. I keep trying to eye the calendar to figure out when I can get a chunk of hours to go do some mowing in Denmans. FYI, as Taylor and I noticed last night, about 6-12" further back on each side of the trail would be ideal. Guess I'll be finding out soon enough how hard that is to do.