Monday, May 24, 2010

Summerset Shootout 2010

I did the Cat2 race with the goal of finishing not last and with no broken parts. I finished a lap ahead of some people and everything still worked. Lap one started out slow waiting to pass some riders but the end of the lap came in good timed at 21.50 second lap was the best let the heart rate calm down at the beginning of the lap but I got everything together and was able to clean every hill on the course. That was the first time I ever have done that on banner. My lap time on the second lap was 22.60 so I only lost a minute. Lap 3 started strong too I cleaned almost everything and lap time was 23 and I didn't get the change on that one this also was the lap that Kevin lapped me. That was great to stay ahead of the Cat 1 race for 2+ laps. Lap 4 I don't remember much of but I do remember thinking I only have to do that one more time on a couple obstacles. Lap 5 I started to misplace my tire and miss stupid and easy hill climbs and the course seemed very greasy I also walked the last 2 hills, but in the end I hit the pavement and had enough left to crank it up to 25mph and blast across the finish line. I beat 2 hours (1:58) and had a great time!


Buckshot77 said...

Great job out there Courtney. Sorry about the flubbed pass going in to Fuller's drop. Hope to see you keep racing and getting faster as the year goes on.

Steph said...

good job!