Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I did realize yesterday morning that even though it has rained every other day for the entire spring I have not once rode to work in the rain this year. I'm good with that. I am also so done with this cold crap isn't it time to hang the jackets? I want to go camping and not freeze. Well what ever I have 6 more days till I get a day off, but on the bright side I shouldn't have any more 12 hour days at least. I hope for next week to be a little warmer and maybe I can get some road miles in and ramp up the milage a little for the year. I always liked the ride out to jefferson on the trails/highways. I hope to do something like that. Speaking of rain I mention that becuase today will be the first day for rain pants and wet shoes on the way to work :( oh well it still beats a car!

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