Monday, September 6, 2010

Gravel Metric #11 and 24 hours of seven oaks

I'll start with I really wanted to do this race this year, I made excuses and talked myself out of it. However I still got the weekend off so I loaded my touring bike and hit the gravel for a 65 mile adventure to boone. So this race is the primary on my radar for next year. I had planned to ride 65 miles of gravel on the way home (it's only 50 without detours) but I just ran out of energy around 30 miles and then it was survival. The 15-25 mph headwind can take alot from you really fast my front and rear bags like sails hanging from both wheels like climbing a 3-4% grade all day long. Good times :)

Rasmussen team

24 hour Solo winner (front) 21 laps 168 miles. This is Kyle telling him at 20 laps to do one more lap.

Tom coming in from his last lap and Rick heading out so one more the team got 2nd

I can't remember exactly were this was but it was at least 20 miles from home. Even knowing I was going to get wet it was beautiful my camera didn't do it justice.

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