Monday, September 20, 2010

Ready For the Fall

Went for a rain ride last night. I was going for Martensdale but, as usual the gravel called I answered. My bike on the other hand complained the whole time "creek crunch bang" for the whole hour I spent on the gravel. I think you are suppose to replace ten speed chain after a few thousand miles or something like that. So in the future for rain rides it's single speed. I do have a long term product review :

MINewt Usb
I got mine when it came out in 2008 and used it as my only light until spring 2010. I still use it since it is the only light that will fit on my k-wing handle bars on the cross bike. It has never let me down even an hour past it's "run time" of 3 hours. The light does get dimmer after an hour or so now and seems dim on a bike trail at 18-20 mph. However for the sub-hundred price I paid when it dies I will purchase another one.

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