Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More single speed rocks

  1. Another 45 mile gravel grinder last night. Took the Booneville route to the tap for taco Tuesday. I ordered a coke (seriously) at the tap and had my 3 tacos (yes they are small). I did detour alittle bit to 120th street for some additional climbing since I'm lazy and have to force myself to work out when the opportunity arises. Vintage rd (loosely called a road) was my cut back to Adams ave it was about a half mile in the middle of peanut butter goo, I couldn't tell from the top of the hill but after a semi-uncomfortable 30 mph decent I hit the muck. Good ride I felt refreshed and energized afterwards that is not normal for that much spinning on a single speed. Took the kids out on the newly repaired tadpole after I got home at 7:30 (yes, pm) Patrick loves it I see some gravel rides in there future.


Nick said...

What gear are you running on the SS for gravel?

Steph said...

well behaved!

I'm planning on doing lots of biking and not drinking/eating crap in the next coming days and weeks.

I need to get back into a "groove".
LOVE the fall biking, and need to get out there every night!!
I plan on spending nights on the bike tonight, Friday (ok ok.. might have to make a bar pit stop on Friday evening...) and all through the weekend. and next week.
bike bike bike!

Courtney said...