Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mountain biking FINALLY

I got the chance to ride for 1.5 hours last night so after seeing postings about hillside my destination was obvious. I took the SS Mary (of course) and did learn a few things. After not riding single track for a while you ability to clear stuff doesn't diminish, your bravery does though. I forced myself to ride over everything on hillside did 2 laps then closed out on Rollercoaster. The creek crossing needs a little work and I need practice, there used to be 2 lines between the creeks now there is a hole and only one line I think I need to practice the other line. Also that hill is brutal on the single speed! I am riding the SS for the Mullet classic but I will need to disassemble and grease it this next week (you can put grease on bikes?) maybe some fresh Stans too. The other thing is 2 parts go on the list for next year : shock fork for the SS (yesterday killed my shoulders and arms) and EXIwolfs for the geared bike. I got purgatories this year for the indestructible factor but way too heavy, not a bad purchase over all though they will be great snow tires since they are 2.4" (measuring 2.6) and ride fine at 15 psi (well it's like dragging a burley but not too bad) and for some reason the exi's have been the only tire that I've mounted tubeless with no issues at all (I mean you don't even have to air them up very much)

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