Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fat Bike Envy

Fortunately with the newest fad of Pugsleys and Mukluks I have a couple friends who have jumped in first.  I have been able to gather data and direct myself away from the purchase of a fatbike.  I guess a couple reasons,  there is a coolness factor to the monster tire bikes but at a price about 1.5k - 2k.  The positives seem to be all terrain abilities whoever my 29rs do that and for that matter so do cross bikes.  As far as snow goes if I can make it though on a 2.4 inch tire that will run as low as 15 psi (Stan'sNoTubes) I think it is a good day to go snowshoeing then (just got those).  The other factor is I have so much to spend every year on cycling and I have other priorities:

The Fork not the bike

I know that a $375 fork on a $500 bike is really a stretch, but thats so me.  So Im not sure what color but this
will be a new thing for my Haro Mary ss next year 

Oh ya and the use for this is obvious,  gravel anyone?
Maybe I'll call the Haro the Pugsley Recovery Unit.
   So I do not have fat bike envy I have a carbon addiction.


Brian said...

Yeah Pugsleys aren't that great. You shouldn't get one. ;-)

Courtney said...

Not saying there not great I just can't justify one and would use the Garmin were I see the pugsley hanging next to my skinny tire bike that I haven't used since march.

MrDaveyGie said...

I wrestled 3 winters with this decision. Now that I have pulled the trigger and invested 2K+ I hope these old bones get their monies worth out of this FatBack.