Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Taco Ride 2010

So got off work early and hit some snow/dirt before sun down then hit some more snow after dark with the Infamous Rassy Taco ride (even though almost no one gets tacos anymore)  Started with 3 of us and end up with 5.  Leaving the shop I knew that Pete, Rick and John would leave me in the dust (or snow).  However I wasn't as far behind as I thought I would be,  I do feel bad when people have to wait for me (thanks for waiting for the slow guy).   I'm 'that guy' so I always try to 'turn up the awesome' and keep up as much as I can.  I think that it helps me get better, most of mountain biking is getting over the 'I can't do that' feeling and trying stuff.  So a 'fast' lap in denmans I spent the whole time trying to keep my back tire from sliding away and my front tire from falling off the packed surface and digging in.  Headed home before the last lap of Denmans to have dinner and a couple beers with Anna.   Good Times :)

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