Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Innova Studded Bicycle Tire Review

I figure I'll throw this out there for people looking for commuter gear.  I start with I have used 2 sizes 35x700c and 2.1x26" I used the 700's for 2 years and about 1800 miles with one re studding, however the tires are still in good shape.  Last year I started using the 26" and I will say that 4 rows of studs and wider tires are nice.  Also the ability to run really low pressure (i run 25 psi with tubes).  The skinny tires I had to run 50 psi.  The thinner tire work better in deep snow (6" +) and the fat ones are better on the ice.

This is possible to do but is a pain!  I only replace studs as they get bad the center rows will get 1500 miles or so and the outer rows (26") dont seem to wear much at all.  As you replace studs buy the nokian replacement they last longer and fit just fine.


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MrDaveyGie said...

I'm thinking of studding out a pair of fat tires (4") I can ride any kind of snow with them, but if I hit any ice, it gets sliding.