Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's still a taco ride even though we had Pizza.

Got off work last night and saw lights on the leave coming from Rassy's, so I caught up to them at the Denmans bridge.  I had to go home and get a mountain bike (something about riding center trails on my 27" commuter with dress slacks didn't sound like a good idea)  Did mostly a full lap skipped out on rhythm, and roller.  The frozen ground makes for fast riding and I'm more comfortable on hillside in the dark than I was at the begging of the year.  Then off to Giff's for tacos.....well we have all decided (or wives that is) that the tacos are not worth the day(s) of pain/smell that come free with every garlic infused taco they serve.  So we ordered Pizza and Giffs pizza is great, a little more expensive but not too bad.  I'll be going for some more dirt time tonight after work and the Urban Epic on saturday.  All we need after that is some snow!   

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