Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guitar Ted Death Ride 2011 Pictures and GPS

So a good 100 miles of Tama County Gravel Yesterday.  Took the single speed out with 11 other guys for an adventure.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words , and sense I don't know a thousand different words I take pictures.

Hickory Hills State Park

Sunrise and a Foggy start to the day

The First "Closed" bridge of the day it wasn't bike closed


Forgot my water bottles so disposable one worked out well

Traer, IA

Alot of flat wind storm damage in Tama County

The First Flat (not me :))

lost 2 riders at 50 miles to bonking (been there)

Tire Change 2 ( I learned how to change a fat tire)

Zebra Farm..

Some cool B Roads on this route

Crop Dusting

The Last Closed Bridge almost there.

And after this 100 miles it felt like 150, heat really changes the game alot.  The Death ride cookies and 3 cans of Coke really hit the spot though.

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Joe said...

Thanks for sharing! Some nice looking roads on the route!