Sunday, August 28, 2011

27" and Perfect commuters

Thanks to the Mechanics at Bike World Urbandale for a proper working Commuter again.  For several month my 27" retro bike has made clunking noises and the freewheel (ya I know old right) slipped a little.  The last couple weeks it has slipped alot and shifted bad.  So a new freewheel was in order and come to find out the bearings were shot on the back wheel.
Shimano 12-28 (old fashion)
So after several years of commuting this bike is the best one I've had.  The 27" x 1 1/4" tires (Gum-wall) work great in everything (except ice) and I've gotten away with as little as 25psi (lazyness anyone).  The total cost for fixing the bike this time was $30 I have about 6k on this bike since I got it from Nick for $20.  So if you looking for good commuters dont spend big money... go get a junker and put some new parts on it.
And Stickers....and Spoke cards

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