Friday, August 26, 2011

Cool Stuff From Surly (Again)

26x4.7 on a 100mm rim. 120 tpi. Really really big.
Yes, it will fit into a Pugsley frameset on a Large Marge rim. HOWEVER, You will no longer be able to use your small ring or largest three or four cogs in the rear due to tire/chain disagreements.
Color: Tire colored  
MSRP: $140
Due Date: Aug 2011 - like very soon

A couple things I noticed,  Tire Colored... only surly.  And most important Will fit on pugsley!  I will be getting one for the front wheel of my Pugsley eventually (next year) and I should be able to set it up to work with the single speed option.  I think the extra large front tire will make very little difference but only time will tell.  


Craig said...

Does it only fit with the Large Marge rim? I was going to go with 100mm rims on my wheel build, but now I may be second guessing that.

Courtney said...

they said it only works with large marge. it makes sense I guess but when I get ahold of one I'll do some measurements I don't like the 100mm rim because you have to make a screwy 7 speed drive train with 2x7 and 9 speed components.