Friday, August 12, 2011

Gravel Metric #10 and the Pugsley Factor

ERT In the Morning

This Backwoods county road is next to Easter Lake.
Seriously there were like 5 No trespassing signs next
to the run down house with the broken cars in the driveway 

This isn't as far from Ert as you would think (4 miles)

The first road I tried going East out of Carlisle was fenced (bike closed)
this was the only other road 

The Ruts in the Road (were the map showed water) were over a foot deep.
The Pugsley made it through.  You can see my rut in the middle of the picture
This road would be under water most the time from the look of the ground and
the permanent closed signs at both ends  

Worst B road ever

Second Lunch (Lunch of champions)

Gardens in Indianola 

Beautiful Day 
The Pugsley is a lot of extra weight (rolling and dead) to carry around on distances.  I believe that 70 miles is about the limit at the moment.  I feel like I did a 130 on a cross bike.  I didn't bonk but my legs began to hurt around 50 and I got much lazier.  I also noticed that every climb dipped into the single digit speeds (all day).  I was averaging 10.1 mph for speed overall.  The Bike wants to go slow, it begs you to slow down and look at the scenery then it makes you.  It also begs to go over the rough stuff, I found myself riding the rocks next to the tracks in Carlisle just because. The roads with fresh gravel you actually ride in it all lines are good lines.  This is what I'm calling the Pugsley Factor

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