Friday, September 25, 2009


I was looking at comments on my post yesterday and Griz informed me I had rode 6900 miles so far this year, so after adding in the miles from yesterday I was at 7016 miles I thought that worthy of a little bragging. I admit some it is with beer and at 15-18 mph and some is on Bike Trials but I'm not even in the same country as perfect (doesn't the Oboma live in DC) but I still will say 7k on the bike and less than 5oo in my car. Tomorrow will be my 13th century this year I am a little disappointed I didn't get a double century in this year that ride to Lincoln NE last year was the best 14 hours I've ever spent on the road (at least that is the way I remember it).


Buckshot77 said...

That's an awesome amount of miles and even better milage on the car. Great job riding this year Courtney!

Steph said...

awesome Courtney!