Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taco Cross

Since my wheel on my mountain bike is still in the shop I took my Cross bike to the taco ride. This was like bring the knife to a fist fight (with Mike Tyson) Cross bikes are a little faster than 29r mountain bikes but 32c tires offer no forgiveness on the dirt those little sticks and sand and walnuts force you to slow down more than usual in corners, but it was still fun I was even able to ride hillside with my higher gear ratio.

After much thought (my head hurts now) I'm not doing quarter rage on my cross bike tonight, but I will be riding down with beer and my son (who is already dress and has his water bottle filled up and ready to go) to watch the "race". I could have made a new class the over 30 minute class.


Iowagriz said...

I just added up your miles....6963 if my math is correct....yowza

Courtney said...

I'm aiming for 10k for the year but I think I'm going to come up short unless I get my lazy but back on the road and off the dirt for the milage before the snow. Centuries are hard in the snow. However december might be my first attempt if I'm that close to my goal.