Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cyclocross = Pain

After last nights Renegade cross I have decided I'm not racing cross this year. After the 3rd lap my back hurt so bad just the impact of dismounting was almost to much I slowed down to a medium pace and finished the 45 minutes out, this is some personal thing about finishing stuff. I stop at AK's with some of the riders for a couple beers and the O'conner blue burger (good burger) I think the final nail in this cross season for me was the 3 hours laying on an ice pack and washing asprin down with wine, so I'll be out there to watch (drink beer next too) the races this year so look for me and a beer hand up at the top of the hill.

Today I have also ordered my lighting for the touring bike. I of course got the son28 but the newest light looks to be the coolest thing since freewheels (they were cool) Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ CYO This light is brighter than the fly from last year (60 lux compared to 40) but the picture of the light output is impressive. So next year (if I ever find enough money) I'll be the blinding light on the road/trail.