Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bikes, Trains and Automobiles

Wednesday night is always a good time on the taco ride but yesterday took the cake. It was my first taco ride on my new single speed 29r. I was surprisingly able to keep up with everyone we went through Denmans from Rassys in under 20 minutes. After a beer I lead one group that split into Squirrels nest as we approached the train bridge I was determined to make it up the hill and over the rail onto the bridge. I did make it over the rail the 4 guys behind me got on the track and one of them yell there is a train. I look back as I'm already on the bridge about a hundred yards back is the train. So I yell go fast and we rode across. We had 50 yards of clearance when we got off the bridge but it was still cool. A couple of laps of hillside I learned that I can make it up all the hills and switch backs on hillside! A quick run (like 4 minutes) down rollercoaster and it was off for taco time. On the paved trail there were only 8 or 9 of us left in the group and we took off down the street. This is the Cops part of the ride a mini-van hit the group head on ( no injuries) however we were angry that he sped up to hit us so we had the great idea to chase him down and drag his dumbass out of his car. We did show some restraint and didn't hurt him (everyone knows if you want to hurt or kill someone you do it in a car that's the only legal way to kill people) maybe next time he'll think before doing stupid stuff in a car. I guess the lesson is don't mess with mountain bikers. The other lesson is don't bring a cross bike to the taco race someone might toss you in the river or at least next to it.


Steph said...

sounds like a crazy fun night.

something about racing the train, made me visualize the Stand By Me movie scene. :)

Brian said...