Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Gravel Metric for 2011

Stopped at Moffit for a little hot tea that I brought with me around 20 miles in.

After 45 miles and 4+ hours the sun came out for the last hour before it set

Still Smiling 4.5 hours
Sunset was AWESOME 5.5 hours
Last pit stop just outside Prole
Still smiling 5.5 hours, my beard is even pushed to one side from the wind

I hit the hills south around 11 am yesterday on the Mary Single speed, determined to make my first metric.  I did it,  there was a lot of wind (gusts 25-30 mph) and most of the ride was a cross wind just slightly from the front or thats how it felt at least.  Had a good lunch at the Waveland in booneville, and finished at the Cumming Tap for Mindy and Kurt's wedding.

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