Friday, January 28, 2011

Gravel Camping ride?

Found this on Bike Iowa site,  It starts from one of my favorite camp sites at Swan Lake State park.  It would be a 100 mile gravel ride up on the 10th and 100 miles gravel/bike trail home on the 12th, with a 35 party ride on the 11th down the Sauk rail trail (road it on ragbrai last year).  It's a week after dirty Kanza but still might be a fun way to get in 2 centuries in June.  If anyone is interested let me know the ride is $15 (t-shirt) and camping at swan lake is $10 a night (they have showers and modern restrooms).  I'm going to organize a ride out and back, self support probably 10+ hour ride out so medium pace.  If anyone wants to come and doesn't have gear let me know I do have some extra bags, racks, tents, etc.

Swan Lake Camp Ground

Swan Lake

Sauk Trail

Lake View


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