Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Play

Took the single speed to Denmans yesterday for a little play in the snow.  About 6-8 inches deep of fluffy powder.  I was able to ride mostly, only made 3/4 of a lap and most of me was hurting.  avg 4 mph.

34x18 gearing was good enough

Fresh snow


Buckshot77 said...

34x18 is the reason your back hurts. Man, switch to a much lighter gear for winter/snow pushing. I'm running 32x20 and I know Squirrel keeps a 22 on hand just in case its really deep. Can't do much riding if your back is messed up from working yourself too hard.

Courtney said...

ya I think I'm going to get a 22 and see if that helps, the higher gear isn't bad until the snow gets too deep.