Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Century II

I made it this time second century of the year 136 miles yesterday! I went out through Minburn and almost to Jefferson.  I was going to come back on the bike trail but that was unpassable.  So back the way I came the last 2 hours Ended up in the dark do to my poor judgement of trying the trail and the resulting 3 miles of gravel road (on 23c tires) I now understand why you avoid gravel on road bikes.  Stoped for lunch in Jamaca I could smell the food half a mile outside town and thought I need a greezy fat burger and onion ring.  made good time out, but as I'm cruzing along down p-30 at 28 mph I realize that I'll be fighting the wind that is now pushing me and making this so easy.  According to my Polar watch I burned 1,000 more calories on the way home than I did on the way out.  With the sunset the wind died down and my bad route became alot better.  Even tough I'm a little sore today I wish I was going out for a long ride instead of going to work this morning
Open Road



Maverick said...

Did you ride the raccoon river trail at all?

When is the beer going to be ready?

Buckshot77 said...

Wow, the RRVT looks hosed! Guess we'll be waiting a bit to ride it. The gravel was in great shape yesterday, I hate to think what this next storm is going to do to it.