Thursday, February 19, 2009

Days Off. Finally

With the retail job I feel like I'm always at work.  So Yesterday and tuesday I had two days off in a row.  That doesn't happen much so when it doe I get a chance to relax (or something like that).

Went to visit a different bike shop (sorry Tom) bike country in ankeny An got the Bontrager Air rush 2 that has been back ordered or something since Christmas.
Not that I'll be riding my road bike for a few weeks.

Spent the morning cleaning my bike and shoes from tuesdays mud ride.  But I did figure out a good way to get my shoes dry for another ride last night. Got to see my kids during the day when they are tied and cranky.  Can't wait for better weather so we can play outside again.  
I learned not to hose off a bike in the cold and leave it in the shed.  The pullys on the rear derailer were frozen solid and I had to ride The Knife.
I rode and hour and a half or so I didn't keep track also didn't keep good track on how many beer refills at giffs.  Denmans was an ice track so the clive and west des moines trails were the way to go.  Other than the head winds and the cold and the ice it was fun (at least that's the part I remember).

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