Thursday, February 5, 2009

Double Time

When out to meet Rick last night for a ride.  However Rick didn't quite make it some story about how he has WAY to much cycling gear and can't keep track of it.  I however have this same problem no matter how much I try to put all my stuff in one basket I'm always looking for a tail light (even though I own 12 or more of them).  
However I rode out from Rassys at 4:50 or so and looped thought beaverdale and a short part of the Neal smith trail.  I found I was still in pretty good shape after I took the direct route up grand over 56th so I decided to do some intervals on my mountain bike.  That was kind of nice the last month I've spent all my ride time trying to keep the bike upright.  
When I got downtown my feet were frozen (or at least this was a good excuse to stop at baitshop).  I said when I ordered an IPA and closed the tab "I'm only going to have one"  There were 2 other bikers there so I got to talking and had the second IPA.  At least I'm not the only crazy guy out riding in the cold.  
I left baitshop and took the fastest route to Giffs for some dinner since it was 7:30 or so I was hungry.  I made it to giffs in 21 minutes this was a zone 5 workout (192 bpm average heart rate)  That felt good. I couldn't even tell I'd had the beers downtown.


Buckshot77 said...

Ya, my stuff was way out of whack for organization yesterday...

Maverick said...

If you drink a lot you won't feel the cold.