Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Missed the mark.

Didn't I just clean this?

I didn't make my Century mark for today but I did get in a Gravel Metric (Ladies Century) 71 miles/6 hours.  Next Time I'm going to pick a route that isn't so Hilly.  I took the booneville road to Booneville then 105 to Warren rd all the way to Bevington.  There is a little place in bevinton called the hitching post that had some excellent food Believe it or not I skipped the beer. Don't Worry I stopped in cumming on the loop back for a couple.  Not A bad loop but I think the longest flat ground was less than 100 yards. My odometer was at 67 when I pulled on to the paved road so that is at least a metric.  After eating and showering I can taste something other than mud now.


Maverick said...

That looks like time well spent. How does the fender work? I'll be in touch..

Courtney said...

It works great my butt was dry the rest of me was all wet though